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Market Analysis by “Social Potential”
(in the Lecko Enterprise Social Nets study v7)-
the ability of solutions to help the digital transformation by encouraging the development of new collaborative uses.Jive Software – moved away from its competitors in 2014. A historical market leader, it offers one of the most highly developed products to carry companies towards new collaborative horizons.

Microsoft: 2014 is the year that Yammer was integrated into the MS collaborative offer. This is as much down to the publisher’s efforts to lead people into the cloud as by developing better integration with Office365.

blueKiwi (version Feb. 2015): the solution evolves without standing out through optimisation of its functions and performance gains for those who use the social on a daily basis. blue Kiwi has acquired this experience with its customer (and shareholder) Atos, resulting in the provision of one of the largest ESN platforms worldwide.

Knowledge Plaza: A leading start-up in the Social KM field.

talkSpirit: Traditional market player. The solution is particularly relevant for supporting internal or external communities of practice.

eXo Platform: The leading Open Source publisher in this composition. The solution has grown in 2014 and relevantly supports social uses around content management. Cross-posted from Facebook on March 04, 2015 at 10:49AM.