Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Compass (2006)

By: Norbert Bieberstein, Marc Fiammante, Sanjay Bose, Rawn Shah

Published: IBM Press 2006
ISBN-10: 0131870025 • ISBN-13: 9780131870024
©2006 • IBM Press • Cloth, 272 pp


Maximize the business value and flexibility of your SOA deployment
In this book, IBM Enterprise Integration Team experts present a start-to-finish guide to planning, implementing, and managing Service-Oriented Architecture. Drawing on their extensive experience helping enterprise customers migrate to SOA, the authors share hard-earned lessons and best practices for architects, project managers, and software development leaders alike.

Well-written and practical, Service-Oriented Architecture Compass offers the perfect blend of principles and “how-to” guidance for transitioning your infrastructure to SOA. The authors clearly explain what SOA is, the opportunities it offers, and how it differs from earlier approaches. Using detailed examples from IBM consulting engagements, they show how to deploy SOA solutions that tightly integrate with your processes and operations, delivering maximum flexibility and value. With detailed coverage of topics ranging from policy-based management to workflow implementation, no other SOA book offers comparable value to workingIT professionals.

Coverage includes-

  • SOA from both a business and technical standpoint-and how to make the business case
  • Planning your SOA project: best practices and pitfalls to avoid
  • SOA analysis and design for superior flexibility and value
  • Securing and managing your SOA environment
  • Using SOA to simplify enterprise application integration
  • Implementing business processes and workflow in SOA environments
  • Case studies in SOA deployment
  • After you’ve deployed: delivering better collaboration, greater scalability, and more sophisticated applications

Reviews & Quotes

  • “I am extremely impressed by the depth and scale of this book! The title is perfect-when you know where you want to go, you need a compass to guide you there! After good IT strategy leads you to SOA, this book is the perfect vehicle that will drive you from dream to reality. We in DSK Bank will use it as our SOA bible in the ongoing project.”
    CIO, DSK Bank, Bulgaria, member of OTP Group

  • “Service-Oriented Architecture enables organizations to be agile and flexible enough to adopt new business strategies and produce new services to overcome the challenges created by business dynamism today. CIOs have to consider SOA as a foundation of their Enterprise Applications Architecture primarily because it demonstrates that IT aligns to business processes and also because it positions IT as a service enabler and maximizes previous investments on business applications.

    To understand and profit from SOA, this book provides CIOs with the necessary concepts and knowledge needed to understand and adapt it into their IT organizations.”
    CIO of Dubai Holding, Sabri

  • “Service-Oriented Architecture is key to help customers become on demand businesses-a business that can quickly respond to competitive threats and be first to take advantage of marketplace opportunities. SOA Compass is a must-read for those individuals looking to bridge the gap between IT and business in order to help their enterprises become more flexible and responsive.”
    Vice President, Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture, IBM Business Consulting Services
  • “Service-Oriented Architecture offers a pathway to networking of intra- and inter-corporate business systems. The standards have the potential to create far more flexible and resilient business information systems than have been possible in the past. This book is a must-read for those who care about the future of business IT.”
    CIO, MCI

  • “A comprehensive roadmap to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOA is, in reality, a business architecture to be used by those enterprises intending to prosper in the 21st century. Decision makers who desire that their business become flexible can jumpstart that process by adopting the best practices and rules of thumb described in SOA Compass.”
    MCI IT Chief Architect

  • “This book is a welcome addition to SOA literature. It articulates the business case and provides practical proven real-world advice, guidance, tips, and techniques for organizations to make the evolution from simple point-to-point web services to true SOA by addressing such topics as planning, organization, analysis and design, security, and systems management.”
    Fireman’s Fund Enterprise Architect Maximize the business value and flexibility of your SOA deployment
  • “This book is a major improvement in the field. It gives a clear view and all the key points on how to really face a SOA deployment in today’s organizations.”
    IT Architect Leader, Generali France
  • “The book Service-Oriented Architecture Compass shows very clearly by means of real projects how agile business processes can be implemented using Service-Oriented Architectures. The entire development cycle from planning through implementation is presented very close to practice and the critical success factors are presented very convincingly.”
    Vice Dean of FHDW Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Where to Buy


  • Amazon: Hardcover 
  • Barnes & Noble: Hardcover  
  • Pearson: Paperback
  • Safari Books Online: e-rental (membership)
  • Also be available in these languages: Chinese (China), Korean, Japanese, Russian, Hungarian


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