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Social Networking for Business

By: Rawn Shah
ISBN-10: 0132711672 • ISBN-13: 9780132711678
©2010 • Pearson Prentice Hall • Paper, 192 pp
Published: 2010, Wharton School Publishing / Pearson

Social Networking for Business (Wharton School Publishing / Pearson, 2010)

The idea of online Communities had a Cambrian explosion in diversity and complexity in the 2000s as new forms of social software emerged both on the Web and inside organizations. Yet, we continue to refer to all of these as social tools or ‘communities’ even though the experiences they afford us and more importantly the purpose they serve are as diverse as physical world cities, cultures and geographies.

This book explains in clear ideas the many components that go into an overall framework that can describe any social experience. By bringing a modeling approach to how we envision collaboration and community, this book helps you set the context for what social experience and social tool types you really want and need, as well as how to design and build your own.

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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Compass: Business Value, Planning, and Enterprise Roadmap

Bieberstein_MECH.qxdBy: Norbert Bieberstein, Marc Fiammante, Keith Jones, Rawn Shah
Published: IBM Press 2006
SBN-10: 0131870025 • ISBN-13: 9780131870024
©2006 • IBM Press • Cloth, 272 pp

  • SOA from both a business and technical standpoint—and how to make the business case
  • Planning your SOA project: best practices and pitfalls to avoid
  • SOA analysis and design for superior flexibility and value
  • Securing and managing your SOA environment
  • Using SOA to simplify enterprise application integration
  • Implementing business processes and workflow in SOA environments
  • Case studies in SOA deployment
  • After you’ve deployed: delivering better collaboration, greater scalability, and more sophisticated applications

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Other Books by Rawn Shah:

  • High-Performance Cluster Computing, Vol 1 (Prentice Hall, 2005)
  • UNIX and Windows 2000 Integration Toolkit (Wiley, 2004)
  • The Complete Internet Gamer (Wiley, 1997)
  • Playing Wargames on the Internet (Wiley, 1996)
  • Playing MUDS on the Internet (Wiley, 1995)

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