Social Analytics

The on-going drive towards greater, efficacious, and timely business insight is a sign of our continuing acceleration of the state of business. This has led to the exploration of new methods of data analysis and science, such as Big Data analytics. In addition, it has also created specific domains or types of data.

Social analytics examines the impact of relationships of people, their information and the social objects around which they interact. It exists because we recognize that how information flows through people and how we collaborate is not just necessary, sometimes it is the only thing that matters.

My focus on Social analytics comes from my years of experience developing tools to measure and leading cross-enterprise thought leadership teams on the significance, meaning and evolution of this science. Most of my work has been for internal analysis of organizations, although I have frequently spoken and given workshops on this subject at UBM TechWeb’s Enterprise 2 conference.


Resources, Papers and Articles

  1. Walking the Yellow Brick Social Graph (Forbes)
  2. Why Don’t We Dig Deeper into the Sands of Social Data (Forbes)
  3. The Opportunity in Big Data Analytics and Social Business (ebook)
  4. How do you Measure that? (Enterprise 2.0 conference, multiple years)
  5. The Best Results Come from Combining Facebook Graph Search and Enterprise Search (Forbes)
  6. How to Not Fill out a Web Registration Form Ever Again (Forbes)

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