Process Transformation

Can Social Business Reshape the Organization?

Can Social Business Reshape the Organization? (Social Business Forum 2012, Milan Italy)

Evolving the way we work will change the way we design and operate business processes. The transition towards a social way of doing business means that we have to imagine how we engage the right and necessary forces and resources across the organizational model. This is often trivialized in a discussion that we need the different silo-ed parts of the organization to work together.

The real goal of course is to demonstrate how this is actually happening in accordance to known and well understand elements of a business. I still consider this a transitory necessity to use Michael Porter’s model of an organization to frame this conversation. Hence, the following resources are split into these well known functions such as Marketing, Customer Support, Innovation and so on.

The eventual change that I see is a blending of the operations into new forms that involve people in multiple functions simultaneously. As I describe in my Milan presentation, Can Social Business Reshape the Organization?, this isn’t just underway, it is an inevitable evolution.

Cross Enterprise

  1. Enterprise 2.0 Reaches Further with Mobile and Big Data (Forbes)
  2. Understanding Social Business and SocialCRM (Lecture at Carnegie Mellon Univ, Oct 2012)
  3. Social Business in the Enterprise (Arizona Entrepreneur’s Conference, Nov 2012)
  4. Can Social Business Reshape the Organization? (Social Business Forum, Milan, June 2012)
  5. Social Business is Neither a Vertical Nor a Horizontal Enterprise Service, but Both (Forbes)


  1. What’s the Future, Brian Solis? (Forbes)
  2. Scaling Marketing and Customer Support with Trusted Content (Forbes)
  3. Is Marketing Ready for the Stakeholder-Focus Brand Era? (Forbes)
  4. What if we Tossed out the Advertising Model? (Forbes)

Customer Support

  1. Scaling Marketing and Customer Support with Trusted Content (Forbes)
  2. Bringing back the ‘R’ in Customer Relationship Management (Forbes)
  3. The Rise and Fall of CRM 1.0: A Talk with Jon Ferrara of Nimble (Forbes)

Innovation & Product Development

  1. A Credit Card Built Community-Strong (Forbes)
  2. For Innovation, Knowledge is a Poor Substitute for Experimentation (Forbes)

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