My top 3 Forbes articles posted this year were:
– Revealing Data Science’s Job Potential — http://onforb.es/1eVbQkP
– Leadership Skills multiply with Language Skills — http://onforb.es/1yg35yX
– The Workplace Of The Future Is Still The Office — http://onforb.es/1rBRsKe

The topics vary but they are all related to the future of work #fow as opposed to my prior coverage of Social Business. I think most of us agree that is the direction that #socbiz has taken over the course of 2014. It is much more than about collaborative tools, but the attitudes and future skills, as well as the setting in where and how we will work. This is a longer term trend that will span years.
Revealing Data Science’s Job Potential
O’Reilly Media released results of its 2013 salary survey of Data scientists revealing the detail demand for expertise, as well the radical…

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