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I’m back from Amsterdam and Brussels, after an intense 9 days of speaking at HR Tech Europe 2014, and then meetings with great folks in the area.  I had some nice conversations with Frederic Williquet and Leon Benjamin (Sei Mani), Euan Semple, Dan Pontefract (TELUS), Ea Ryberg Due and Cerys Hearsey (Postshift), Aad Boot (LeadershipWatch), as well as with Ray Wang and Holger Muller (Constellation Research). I’ve met some interesting folks in the HR space as well: David Wilson (elearnity), Mervyn Dinnen, David D’Souza, and Kate Graham.

I also had an enlightening dinner discussion with Frederic Laloux, author of Reinventing Organizations, and the evolution of organizational leadership. Look for a book review on Forbes coming soon.

My talk “Why can’t you understand me? Analyzing Collaboration Culture Clashes” focused on what we think of as work culture and the different influences that really make up our DNA. I then looked at how what we mean in our conversations is fractured or refracted through a prism effect of working digitally.

I’ve also blogged twice on LinkedIn and will post another on Forbes soon:

I think this focus on the changes to how we work together because of digital collaboration will affect what it means to be an effective leader and how we develop talent in organizations, going forward.