Nilofer Merchant (Martin Prosperity Institute fellow) shared her Takeaways from the recent Innovation for Jobs summit.

“My father had one job in his life,” noted Robin Chase [Founder & former CEO Zipcar]
“I’ll have six jobs in my life.
My children will have six jobs at the same time.”

[I like Robin’s point above. Nilofer also included a nice shout out for my Forbes piece:]

“In a talk at BCG, Rainer Strack’s says we have a $10 Trillion talent shortage.
David Nordfors notes a $140 trillion untapped market for jobs.
The key in taking advantage of this shift is the role of the individual, not the organization.

Sandeep Sander [Vivaldi Partners Group] suggested the key is to have individuals take responsibility for their own ability to create value; the question is, how to enable this?

One ongoing conversation has been about the role of “multiployment”—where one
can work for multiple organizations at a time, globally. Note the shift though in frames:

Organization centric ==> Customer Centric ==> Individual Centric.

Take Aways from the Innovation for Jobs Summit, 2015

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