Hitachi makes a Happiness Wearable? Not the type of Quantified Organization that Lee Bryant had in mind.

“According to Hitachi, apparently there is some kind of correlation between a person’s physical movements and their sense of happiness, which we guess sort of makes sense as someone who is happy will have more spring in their step, versus someone who is bored or down and who might just shuffle around the office, although will the sensor be able to pick up on that?”

I find some of it credible, but more in the sense of encouraging fitness which can have a relationship to mood. It could also work in the sense of activities like Walking and Talking (a la Nilofer Merchant ‘ s suggestion), but then it is essentially a Fitbit or Lumo Bodytech which are better sensors for movement, and posture, respectively.

HT Siegfried Lautenbacher of Beck et al Services

Hitachi Creates Wearable Sensor To Measure Employee Happiness
Happier employees tends to lead to better output and more efficiency, but how do you know if your employees are happy or if they secretly resent you?…

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