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Prof. Alan Fiske described 4 basic ways that humans do things for others. Whether you call it ‘work’, ‘exchanges’, ‘favors’, or selling goods and services, these still exist today:

1) Power — you do things because some in Authority tells you to
2) Altruism — you do things for anyone else because the expected norm is that everyone helps everyone
3) Barter — you do things in exchange for something from someone else
4) Currency — you do things based on a price that is agreed upon by market forces

Families, Tribes, Villages, Cities, Nations, everyone, regardless of the shape of your network, applies this differently for each groupings and communities they are a part of. It can also be situational, based on conditions, emotions or relationships.

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Four Elementary Forms of Sociality Impacting Trust and Relationships
About 20 years ago psychologist Alan Page Fiske and author of Structures of Social Life (Free Press 1993), now Professor of Anthropology at UCLA, wrote about the Four Elementary Forms of Sociality that describe our mental orientation of the form of exchange that we think we should use in each […]

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